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Model No. S1900VE410FRC

Wall Mounted Lockout Station

English/French Deluxe Valve and Electrical Lockout Station with Standard Device Assortment and six Zenex™ Thermoplastic Padlocks Includes French safety tags

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Overview & Features

Product Features

  • (1) S1900 French/English Deluxe Wall station containing:
  • (6) 410RED Zenex? thermoplastic padlocks (keyed different) with trilingual write-on padlock labels
  • (2) 420 Steel Safety Hasp and (1) 427 Snap-On Safety Hasp
  • (1) S806 Adjustable Cable Lockout
  • (1) 480, (1) 481, (1) 482 and (1) 483 Gate Valve Lockouts
  • (1) 468L Handle-Off Ball Valve Lockout and (1) S3068 Ball Valve Lockout
  • (2) 491B and (6) 493B Circuit Breaker Lockouts
  • (1) S2005 Compact Plug Prong Lockout and (1) 488 Plug Cover
  • (2) 496B Wall Switch Covers
  • (2) 497ABLC French/English Danger Do Not Operate safety tags (12 tags/pack)

Product Details

The Master Lock No. S1900VE410FRC Deluxe French and English Lockout Station is a deluxe station focused on valve and electrical lockout. It is equipped with 410RED Zenex™ Thermoplastic Padlocks, hasps, high-use valve and electrical devices, and French/English safety tags. The unit comes marked ‘Lockout Station’ in English, with Spanish and French labels included for easy application. The station accommodates departmental lockout needs with 16 hanger clips that each hold 2 lockout padlocks or hasps. Holes at the bottom offer a place for pegs or hooks to hang bulky devices. Durable construction helps ensure long life in manufacturing facilities. The covered station keeps out dust and can be locked with a combination padlock to limit access if needed. Moveable dividers in top and bottom trays help organize devices. The lower section can hold a total of 150 lockout tags, with each compartment holding up to 25 tags. The unit measures 23.5 in wide x 27 in tall x 4.5 in deep (596mm x 685 mm x 114mm).

Product Specifications

  • Product Number S1900VE410FRC
  • Description Commercial Boxed Packaging
  • Master Carton Qty 1
  • Body Width 1-1/2 in (38 mm)
  • Exterior dimensions (H x W x D) () x 1-1/2 in (38 mm) x ()
  • Color Yellow

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